Dr Laurence Massaut
Dr Laurence Massaut R&D Manager, BioMar Ecuador

Day 2: 13 Nov 2019 - 2:40 – 3:00 PM

Innovation and Technology in Latin American Shrimp Culture Systems

In Latin America, shrimp production is predominantly carried out in big earthen ponds (5-8 hectares), with postlarvae coming from “All Pathogen Exposed” (APE) broodstocks.  The final product is either consumed internally or, more predominantly, exported to the principal shrimp markets (China, USA and the European Union).  Evolving in a global market, competition is fierce among the different producing countries, and farmers are always looking for ways to maintain their margins and keep their production costs at a minimum.  For this reason, new technologies focused on improving feed conversion and feeding protocols, selecting the best genetic lines for different production scenarios, mitigating disease impacts, and optimising farm processes, have been implemented.  We have seen an increase in the adoption of automatic feeders, in the offer of products to help reduce the impact of diseases (though not always delivering the expected results), as well as in the use of digital tools for traceability, certification schemes, record keeping and prediction of best harvest time.  These innovations have maintained the growth of shrimp production in Ecuador, without the need to increase the production area nor the stocking density.  It is hoped this will allow for higher efficiency, producing shrimp under sustainable principles.  


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