Evelyne Nusalim
Evelyne NusalimExecutive Director, Indonesia Food Safety Institute, Indonesia

Day 2: 13 Nov 2019 - 4:40 –5:00 PM

Achieving sustainability in food safety: An ethical code as corporate social responsibility?

We have reviewed most aspects of the industry at this event but what have we missed and how can we improve as we move forward? Is Certification the key or will Blockchain Technology impact this in any way? How are we connecting to global consumers and communicating the benefits of Shrimp?

The European Union’s (EU) trade flows for fisheries and aquaculture products are the highest in the world, with 70% of it imported. However, fraudulent practices concerning imported seafood products have been reported as among the highest as well, including unapproved treatment and/or processing (30%), the replacement, dilution and removal of products (30%) and mislabelling (33%) and others (7%). One of the reasons for failure to comply with the EU regulations is the lack of technical skills regarding the correct treatment and processing of the products as well as knowledge on the legal requirements. Stringent controls and temporary bans on imports have been carried out by the EU, intended to discourage non-compliance. Should seafood producers wait for “punishment” by other countries or should they take the initiative to prevent fraud? Honour, honesty and a sense of order should be the pillars of an ethical code for food, based on the integrity of seafood business operators. This code should be part of the Corporate Social Responsibility policy of every business operator, for the sake of consumer protection. Food business operators should be encouraged to establish their own standards of food safety and quality that demonstrates understanding of their responsibility towards consumers. The Indonesian Food Safety Institute recognises this challenge and will commit to take the initiative to establish this ethical code, to provide the technical skills required, and to function as a platform for seafood business operators. The aim is to gather support and cooperation from all stakeholders in the seafood sector to realise this goal.


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